N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

INESCA Nürnberg e.V

Igbo Na Enyi Social Cultural Association Nürnberg e.V. otherwise known as INESCAN is an association of Igbo's of Federal Republic of Nigeria residing and working in Nürnberg and it's environ in Federal Republic of Germany. The formation of this Association was borne out of our civic responsibility and pursuit of love, brotherliness, togetherness, co-operation amongst us and Igbo's in diaspora.

It is in view of this, that we unanimously resolved to constitute ourselves and form this Non-profitable,Social, cultural and charitable organization in 2001.

In pursuit of the Social aim of the Association, INESCAN ensures that all financially up-to-date members have access to a life Insurance scheme.

A scheme which is affordable and available at a reasonable premium.

Culturally, INESCAN embarked on a mass cultural sensitization and exhibition last September 2008 through the first outing of Igba Umu INESCAN and its masquerade. This piece of culture was meant to sensitize ourselves of this outing and to exhibit to other communities a rich cultural life of the Igbo's. The event was so successful, that it was adjudged the best. African Cultural exhibition in Nürnberg.


Other Aims & Objective as enschried in this Associations constitution are:

To foster unity among the Igbo people particularly its members in Nürnberg and in Germany generally.
To promote harmony and good neighborly relationship between the Igbo people and other Communities living in Germany, including Germans as well.  
To promote the rich Igbo language, culture and traditions. This is exemplified by the recent masquerade organization group known as „IGBA Umu INESCAN Group.“
To encourage patriotism and good ambassadorship among its members. Considering the essence of this point, Inescan react generously towards both members and non-member's needs as at when due. The Association encourages its members to be law-abiding foreigners and good ambassadors of our country Nigeria.
To forge a sense of fraternity among Igbo people resident in Nürnberg and elsewhere in Germany. In achieving this brotherhood, INESCAN tries as much as possible to be committed to its members in various aspects.  
To offer support and assistance to its members, group of persons and organization, irrespective of religion, nationality, ethnic, race, class or political affiliation.  
To render charitable and humanitarian servies when the need arises.



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